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About Alain Martin's book “Harnessing the Power of Intelligence”

“This is an extraordinarily thoughtful and well written book on a topic of great contemporary importance. Its advice is detailed, practical and completely on target.”

Professor Warren McFarlan, Harvard Business School

“I have used the framework described in this remarkable book successfully for several years, first, to orchestrate the turnaround of North America's fastest growing casualty-insurance company, and subsequently, to craft a vision and strategic direction of a $75 billion financial institution.”

John Harbour, Former President and CEO, Desjardins Casualty Insurance Group,
and President & COO, Desjardins Confederation

LANGUAGES: English, French and German

Capital Projects and Large-Scale Risks (Oil & Gas, Mining, Nuclear Power, Airport Security, Food Inspection and Extreme Events)

Principled Negotiation (Bar-Certified Seminar), Exemplary Leadership, Techno-Based Entrepreneurship, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Alliances, Project and Risk Management (USA, Canada, France, UK, Mexico, Spain, Japan and China)

  • Strategic Advisor – Leadership, Governance and Policy Development: Major risks in the Arctic related to mining and oil & gas exploration and production (2014)
  • Director, European Excellence Foundation: Helps aspiring leaders learn from Nobel laureates, heads of states, astronauts, entrepreneurs and experts in economics, science and technology (2013 to Present)
  • Fellow, Advanced Leadership, Harvard University (2011-2012): Lectured on leadership and risk. Led research on complexity reduction. Led the Ivy-League Summit’s Exemplary-Leader Seminar. Mentored graduate students. Audited Harvard and MIT-ESD courses.
  • President and Board Chair - The Professional Development Institute (1985-Present, except 2012): Created Harvard University Global System™ and software comprising practical tools and road maps to brainstorm, craft strategy, negotiate, lead teams,mitigate risk and manage projects. PDI is a premier skills-development partner in leadership, negotiation, writing skills and finance.

  • –   Workshop Leader: Exemplary Leadership, Techno-Based Entrepreneurship, Principled Negotiation and Project Management in the USA, Canada, France, the UK, Mexico, Spain, Japan and China. Participants: executives, team leaders and presidential assistants from Boeing, GE, P&G, PEMEX, Teck, EON, Textron, banks, and governments
    –   Leads Boston’s Annual Workshop: Advanced negotiation, strategy and exemplary leadership (2013-Present). Original seminar honored in a National Archives’ photo with the Canadian Prime Minister.
    –  Led a 4-Year Advanced Project and Risk-Management Workshop for Nuclear-Power Executives, Project Leaders and Senior Engineers.Focus on the prevention and mitigation of large-scale risks. Participants: AECL, B&W, Ontario Power Generation
  • Executive Coach: Young Entrepreneurs (2005-Present), also coaching executives of a biotechnology firm (2005-2010) and an eCommerce leader (2001-2008)
  • Architect, Advanced Project-Management Software in partnership with Skanska which used the software globally. Currently leading a $2 million R&D software project that (1) paves the way for better planning, control and training; (2) empowers everyone in a project team to understand and contribute to project management, regardless of educational background; and (3) permits users to share plans and progress globally without speaking each other's language.
  • Advisor to the Director General of the UNESCO: Authored “Overhauling the UNESCO and Strengthening Its Essence”; a report on ethical leadership, literacy, IT and geopolitical issues, including the reintegration of the USA to the UNESCO as a member state
  • Principal Advisor to the CEO Desjardins Casualty Insurance, subsequently the parent firm’s President: Staff 48,000; assets: $75B. Coached the senior executive team in crafting and executing innovative strategies to turnaround the company from a lager to a leader, leapfrogging Zurich and ING (1985-97); CEO Testimony (from 1'00" to 2'40")
  • Faculty Member: Graduate Management Program, University of Quebec, 1997-99, 2006-2008
  • Executive Member, non-partisan, Prime Minister’s Committee on Government Reform, (subsequently known as the Public Service Advisory Committee): Provided strategic advice on emerging mission-critical issues affecting the country (Canada); issues ranged from validating poverty- and deficit-reduction initiatives (proposed by departments to Cabinet) to geopolitical risk.
  • Led assignments where sensitive multipartite negotiations were of paramount importance, including (a) the incubation of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, (b) a brainstorming retreat with Health-Canada’s executives and medical professionals to prepare a risk-management strategy nine months before Mad Cow was diagnosed in Canada (c) a proposal to the Prime Minister on defusing the growing tensions between Canada and its Asian trade partners, particularly Japan, following the discovery of mad-cow disease in Alberta in 2003, (d) the merger of five agencies mandated to protect investors, maintain the integrity of securities markets, and regulate financial institutions in Quebec, (e) the creation of a trilateral cooperation network to mobilize Canadian talent and know-how with petrodollar financing (Kuwait, Abu Dhabi) for the benefit of the poorest nations in Asia and Africa.
  • Led the architecture of cutting-edge algorithms and software products for planning and tracking large-scale international projects in partnership with Skanska and Boliden. Both companies applied the products globally.
  • Held managerial positions in operations research and systems development at Du Pont (chemicals), Domtar (pulp & paper, construction), Canadair (Bombardier Aerospace) and CBC News; built a monitoring system, across five time zones, to assist in balancing news coverage and eliminating systemic biases, notably during elections.
  • Directed the detailed engineering of international projects, including (1) CIDA-financed 2,400-KM microwave link launched across rain forests and wetlands; (2) World-Bank 660-KM highway corridor, both high-risk capital projects in Africa
  • Summer Jobs (Internships in Advanced Technology): SFB German Broadcasting (now Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), Peugeot (France), Cyclotron Unit, Dept. of Nuclear Physics (University of Ottawa), Hydrodynamic Laboratory (Engineering Faculty, Carleton University)
  • German-Language Field Practice: Sales Department, Herzmansky (Vienna, Austria) now Peek & Cloppenburg

  • Honored in 2011 by the Presidents of Harvard University and Harvard Alumni Association with a Certificate for the “Leadership, Vision and Service to our Community” during the ten-year period between 2001 and 2011
  • Canada Awards for Excellence (Certificate)
  • Canadair Innovation Award (Bombardier Aerospace)
  • Patent Holder: U.S.A., Canada and Japan

  • Fellow, Advanced Leadership, Harvard University, 2011-2012
    This fellowship is an inter-faculty initiative of six schools: Medicine, Law, Public Health, Business, Education and Government. I mentored students, lectured on leadership and risk and led research on complexity reduction.
  • Advanced Technology, Lille, France
  • Concordia University, Montreal: B. Com. Quantitative Methods & Operations Research
  • Alumnus, Harvard Business School, Boston: OPM (27th Alumni Class), 1997-1999
       –   HBS Alumni Global Forums: Berlin, Cleveland, Shanghai, Washington and HBS Centennial in Boston
  • Harvard Business School (HBS), Boston: MBA Second-Year Elective Courses on Leadership
       –   Power & Influence, Prof. Julie Battilana (2012)
       –   Acting in Time: Strategy and Leadership in the Face of Large-Scale Risks, Prof. Herman Dutch Leonard (2012)
  • Harvard Business School, Boston: Strategy: Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, Prof. Michael Porter
  • Harvard Law School (HLS), Cambridge
       –   Teaching Negotiation in the Organization, Profs. Roger Fisher and Lawrence Susskind
       –   Negotiation for Senior Executives, Prof. Roger Fisher
       –   Advanced Negotiation for Sr. Executives:
            Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Situations, Dr. Bill Ury
       –   Negotiation for Lawyers, Prof. Roger Fisher
       –   Advanced Negotiation for Lawyers, Prof. Bruce Patton
       –   MediationWorkshop, Prof. Robert Mnookin
  • Faculty of the Department of Government, Harvard University (cross-registrant)
       –   The Making of Modern Politics: The Evolution of Democracy in Europe from the Middle Ages
             to the European Union, Prof. Peter A. Hall (2012)
  • MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge
       –   System & Project Management, Engineering Systems Division, Prof. Olivier De Weck
            I was an Auditor and a Case Presenter on Complexity Reduction, 2012
       –   Managing Complex Product Development Projects
       –   Management of Change, Profs. Richard Beckhard and Ed Schein
       –   Public Program Evaluation, Profs. Arnold Barnett, Martin Rein and Mark Thompson
       –   Developing an Internet Business Strategy
  • Gestalt Institute, Cleveland: Gestalt Psychology, Four Workshops on Team-Building, Communication and Conflict
  • APA Conference, Los Angeles: Cognitive Behavior Modification, Prof. B.F. Skinner and David Meichenbaum
  • Palisade, Ithaca: Risk and Decision Assessment using @Risk and the Decision Tools Suite
  • Palisade, New York: Risk Management, Options and Real Options, Dr. Michael Rees, Oxford
  • Arthur D. Little, Boston: Advanced Project Management

  • Memberships Held: Harvard Faculty Club (Cambridge, MA), Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard Business School Club (New York and Ottawa), Society of Mathematics of France, Project Management Institute (PMI), American Management Association (AMA), Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS), Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), French-American Chamber of Commerce, Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Japan-Canada Trade Council, Jeunesses Musicales de France (JMF)
  • President and Board Chairman: Harvard University Club, Ottawa (2009-2011); Harvard Business School Club, Ottawa (2005-2009). Played a hands-on role in the planning and management of educational events, including the emerging geopolitical landscape, governance, social justice, pathways out of the current economic crisis, pandemics, health promotion and protection. Led the organization of a conference on “Overhauling Capitalism and Strengthening Democracy” to commemorate the first centennial of Harvard Business School in 2008.
  • Executive and Board Member : Concordia University Alumni Association, Ottawa, Canada (2009-2011)
  • Governance, ecology (Sierra Club, Ducks Unlimited), social justice (Amnesty International), comparative history, political economy, windsurfing, long-distance running (several marathons including Boston's and Philadelphia's) and mountain hiking (French and Swiss Alps)
  • I owe an immense gratitude to my current staff, partners and friends, countless faculty members, students and fellows at Harvard University and, in particular, to the late Herbert Shepard (MIT and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland) and Richard Beckhard (MIT). Both Herb and Dick acted as mentors and were, for over twelve years, senior partners at The Professional Professional Development Institute (PDI).
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